Power of Performance Management

How Leading Companies Create Sustained Value

By André de Waal

There is a growing conviction among senior corporate financial managers that traditional business planning and performance management methods are flawed and insufficient for keeping competitive in today’s technology driven information age. There is increasing pressure from shareholders for corporations to create as much value as possible. More than ever, today’s companies must top the value creation usually achieved through new budgeting systems, complete benchmarking studies and reorganizations of the finance function.

Power of Performance Management by André de Waal provides the framework necessary to develop a strategic performance management process for creating world-class value. This book examines and documents the practices of world-class corporations in various case studies. These prominent organizations include Sara Lee, Microsoft, Philips Electronics, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, NEC and Xerox, who have all used the techniques described in this book to improve their performance management processes. These practical examples demonstrate how to overcome roadblocks and the role that management must play in making improvements. The book shows how shifting from a traditional, insular management climate to a more interconnected and level playing field is now the key to keeping competitive. Business success depends more and more on the exchange of ideas implemented through sharpened organizational capabilities such as speed and responsiveness. Organizations that can quickly turn strategy into action, manage processes intelligently and efficiently, and take maximum advantage of human capital, will take the lead.

Power of Performance Management also:

– Identifies issues faced by companies in their ability to deliver and create value.
– Describes the role that management must play in relation to its value creation ability.
– Shows how to create a performance management framework.
– Shows what information technology is needed in order to support world class value creation.

By studying the examples of world-class corporations you can strengthen your company’s ability to create and deliver value. This book is an invaluable resource for any manager who wants to transition from a traditional to a more efficient and effective management, in order to create value and profit.


1. Chalenges for Performance Management in the New Economy
2. Establish a Consist Responsibility Structure
3. Balance Long-Term and Short-Term Focus
4. Make Value-Based Strategies Operational
5. Embrace information transparency
6. Focus on What Is Truly Important
7. Enforce Performance-Driven Behavior
8. Balance Integration with Simplification
9. Implementing the Ideas

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