Quest for Balance

The human element in performance management systems

By André de Waal

“André de Waal has produced a rigorous study of the behavioral and organizational factors that influence implementation success for new performance management systems. It is an important addition to the literature for its focus on recognizing and overcoming the barriers to introducing new management systems.”
Robert S. Kaplan (author of The Balanced Scorecard)

Performance management enables companies to deliver a predictable contribution to sustained value creation. Performance management systems-such as critical success factors, key performance indicators, and the balanced scorecard-offer clear parameters for managers to better direct their organization; companies, however, seem to have great difficulty applying performance management systems (PMS) successfully. Quest for Balance: The Human Element in Performance Management Systems explores for the first time the impact that individuals have on PMS and company value. This book shows how managers can master the human element and successfully implement performance management systems.

The book shows managers how to successfully use the performance management systems they already have in place, explains the competencies that a manager must possess in order to effectively use a balanced scorecard, provides case studies of international organizations that have successfully negotiated the human element when implementing the balanced scorecard and shows how a corporation can further improve its performance management process.


1. Brief History of Performance Management Systems
2. Identifying the Behavioral Factors
3. Cases
4. Relationship between Performance Management System Uses and Management Styles
5. Performance Management System and Managerial Behavior Survey

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