On the road to Nirvana, creating the real adaptive enterprise

In April 2003 I was asked by Hyperion Solutions to write a research paper on the future of the performance management cycle, consisting of the planning, budgeting, forecasting, measurement and rewarding processes. The aim was to describe an organization called Nirvana, where the performance management cycle is both efficient and effective, where everyone in the organization works towards the same goals, and where all employees are performance-driven. In short: the ideal organization.

Endorsment On the Road to Nirvana
In this research paper, Dr. de Waal has distilled considerable wisdom down to remarkably few pages, and this paper is written in an entertaining style. I recommend this work to anyone who is interested in learning more about any or all parts of the performance measurement cycle.
Kenneth A. Merchant
Deloitte & Touche LLP Chair of Accountancy, Marshall School of Business,University of Southern California

Year of publication:2003
Author:A.A. de Waal
Published in:Hyperion white paper, 2003
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