Performance-driven behaviour: A cross-country comparison

An increasing number of organisations are implementing strategic performance management systems. Despite the increase in experience gained with implementing this approach, there is still a lot to be learned about the factors that influence the everyday use of performance management and of the factors that influence performance-driven behaviour. De Waal identified behavioural factors that have an influence on this behaviour. More recently De Waal consolidated these factors into nine aspects, developing a tool called the performance management analysis® (PMA). In this paper the results of a number of sets of PMAs, performed at Dutch and UK organisations, are discussed. These results give a first interesting picture of the performance drivers for organisations in both countries (both private and public sector), and are used to discuss how performance-driven behaviour can be promoted in both countries.

Year of publication:2004
Authors:A.A. de Waal, Z.J. Radnor and D. Akhmetova
Published in:A. Neely, M. Kennerly & A. Walters (ed.), Performance Measurement and Management: Public and Private, Cranfield School of Management, UK (2004)
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