The roadmap to Nirvana

In 2003 the research paper on creating a real adaptive enterprise using performance management, titled ‘On the road to Nirvana, creating the real enterprise’, was published. The big question since then has been: how to get to Nirvana? Based on the results of an extensive range of interviews with academics and practitioners and another elaborate literature review, a roadmap to Nirvana is now emerging. This roadmap, describing the way (or ways) an organization can realize Nirvana, indicates all six aspects of Nirvana need to be implemented almost simultaneously but to different degrees, depending on the status of your organization. This white paper describes the roadmap by listing and discussing the most important steps of how to get to Nirvana.

Year of publication:2004
Author:A.A. de Waal
Published in:Hyperion white paper, 2004
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