Strategic performance management

A Managerial and Behavioural Approach

By André de Waal

“The insights, examples, and evidence offered in Strategic Performance Management are invaluable for managers who are struggling to help their companies compete in this era of extreme competition.”
Dr Kenneth A. Merchant (University of Southern California)

“This new book on strategic performance management fills in a void in the literature.”
Prof Dr Tom L.C.M. Groot (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

“Thought-provoking, practical and well written, this book will be a valuable addition to everyone’s bookshelf.”
Prof Andy Neely (Centre for Business Performance, Cranfield University)

This book describes how strategic performance management, an increasingly popular and succesful management technique, supports organisations in their pursuit of better performance. Grounded in the latest academic research, Strategic Performance Management integrates practical insights from current industry developments to provide readers with the tools and understanding to evaluate how a business is performing.


1. Introduction
2. Strategic performance management
3. Responsibility structure
4. Scenarios and strategic objectives
5. Strategic action plans
6. Critical success factors and key performance indicators
7. Balanced scorecard
8. Exceptions, actions and rolling forecasts
9. Performance management ICT architecture
10 .Organisational performance-driven behaviour
11. Individual performance-driven behaviour
12. Strategic alignment
13. Implementation
14. Performance management in the public sector
15. Performance management in developing countries

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