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The Center for Organizational Performance is a research and consultancy organization aimed at the study of high performance organizations (HPOs). Dr. de Waal is Academic Director of the Center. The Center gives talks on HPOs and conducts the HPO diagnosis with which it can identify the HPO status of an organization. The Center also funds the research of Dr. de Waal.

You can find the Center at: (English) or (Dutch)


The Performance Measurement Association (PMA) is essentially a platform for academics and practicioners to exchange information on performance measurement and management topics.
PMA maintains a website, publishes the magazine Perspectives on Performance, and organizes International Performance Measurement Conferences.

The PMA is a voluntary network which has a multi-disciplinary constituency covering among others accounting, economics, engineering, finance, human resources, information technology, logistics, marketing, operations, purchasing, sales, and strategy. Its development and continued growth is overseen by a board of leading academics in the fields of performance measurement and management.

You can find the PMA at:


In 1998, 33 mainly European organizations formed a group named Beyond Budgeting Round Table (BBRT), a part of the CAM-I non-profit research consortium. The BBRT performed research into alternatives to the budgeting process. The task of the group was to find organizations that had abandoned budgeting, visit those organizations, and report their findings to the BBRT members by way of case studies and presentations. In this way, the group gradually developed a model for organizations to work without budgets.

The BBRT website gives a description of the so-called BBRT-model and also gives the results of
a world-wide survey into the benefits of beyond budgeting.

You can find the BBRT at:

Balanced Scorecard Startpagina

The Balanced Scorecard Startpagina contains links to many interesting websites, containing information on the balanced scorecard and on performance measurement and performance management in general.

You can find Balanced Scorecard Startpagina at: Balanced Scorecard Startpagina

ManagementSite, the Dutch online management managazine

ManagementSite is a Dutch online management managazine, which contains articles and discussions on many aspects of management. One of the featured categories is Performance Management , where frequently interesting articles are published. When subscribing to ManagementSite, you will get automatic notification when a new item has appeared in the categories you are interested in.

You can find ManagementSite at: ManagementSite

Bedrijfskunde Pagina

Bedrijfskunde Pagina is a start-site with many interesting links to sites that all have to do with the topic bedrijfskunde.

You can find Bedrijfskunde.pagina at: Bedrijfskunde Startpagina